I worked with Buzzfeed to create a series of comedic branded videos for domestic and international audiences. I was responsible for video editing, motion graphics, and sound design on content for brands like Durex, Orajel, Bravo, and Geico.

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At The Dad I wore many hats beyond post-production that included show creator, writer, and director. Our team was responsible for creating both editorial and sponsored content that went viral many times over and even made its way to broadcast television.


At Some Spider’s Scary Mommy our team continually found innovative ways to tell funny, heartwarming stories.


At Cafe, I had the pleasure of co-writing and editing Preet Bharara’s announcement videos for his new podcast endeavor, Stay Tuned with Preet.


With Spotify, I helped create internal sizzle reels for their all hands meetings as well as videos for the 2016 election.